Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Card Club for October 2009

Pk, Filly and I are all in the same card club. We meet once a month at the Stamp Shoppe if you are from Central WI. We have so much fun. What a great group of ladies. I learn something new everytime that we meet. Fun, fun.

Every meeting, we are given a packet of "stuff" to use to make what ever we want and we are also given a sketch. That also we can use in whatever way it strikes us. We bring all of our creations back to the next meeting for our little show and tell. Wow, do the ladies in our group make some great stuff. It's amazing how we all have the same ingredients, but we all come up with something completely different - every one gorgeous. True works of art.

At every meeting we have one demo - someone shares a tip or tool or technique, then we have two shoe box projects. Last night was my turn to do a shoe box project and cased these 'Frankie' boxes from Tammy Beaver over at dreamcreateandshare.blogspot.com. I love her stuff. She has the greatest ideas. She uses the top note die cut for about every theme of treat box there is. They are so simple and fun to make. Now the pressure is off me. I can enjoy everyone elses projects until next year.
I'm off work this week, so you will probably be hearing from me a lot!


  1. I just wanted to say...go girls!!! I love your blog. I had so much fun last night at The Stamp Shoppe. Can't wait to see what else you post here. I will have to remember to check it...since I don't know how to subscribe to it? Any thoughts on that? Anyways thanks for letting me know where to find y'all!
    Sara A.

  2. Yeah... I figured out how to put your blog on my google toolbar! Now I don't have to remember, I got ya up there all the time! LOL!