Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Trash to Treasure

I love these "manly" cards - I posted one just the other day. Living in Central Wisconsin, hunting, nature and wildlife are a big factor and part of the beauty of our area.

Recently, I have been able to come across several different versions of 12 X 12 wild life paper. I cut out the sections of the paper featuring the fish, deer or bear used to make the cards like my previous post, but I ended up with a large section of paper that I really didn't know what to do with. I really hate wasting any scrapbook paper or embellishment. I will save any kind of scrap or crumb, thinking that someday I will use it.

This Christmas I made great use of many of my "manly" crumbs. My Guys have a taxidermy business. We also have recently eliminated our land line and have gone to only cell phones. We wanted to find a way to thank "My Guys" customers, but also make them aware of our new phone number. We decided the best way to do that was to send out Christmas cards, but include a new business card with their new number and a small notation of the change. Obviously, it only make sense to make Christmas cards appropriate to the clientele - wildlife cards. I pulled out my crumbs - even though the main focal point is gone, they still had a very obvious outdoorsy flavor to them. I inked the edges of some very masculine paper and added a strip of card stock that was embossed with my herringbone folder. I added a deer image that I colored in with my copic. I used my old Basic Grey notch cutter to hold the new business card.
I was thrilled because I made good use of my paper, but I had also created some very manly, outdoor Christmas cards, while still thanking our customers and nofitying them of our phone # change.
It's a beautiful day today, so I'm hoping to get out and enjoy it a little. A very long walk is in order.

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  1. Joy...I love those cards! You did an awesome job using up your crumbs! They turned out should be very proud! I hope you got your walk in also! Happy Creating! Sara