Sunday, June 13, 2010

BTW - Do you know that today is NOT Father's Day? Haaahaaahaa! Yesterday, I posted and commented about my Dad and about it being Father's Day today. The first thing I told my husband this morning is "Happy Father's Day". He said it wasn't Father's Day. Huh? Are you sure? We finally found an ad that clearly stated that Father's Day is June 20th. I was just laughing at myself. I can't even tell you how many times lately I have had the wrong day, date, time or event. I even tried shooing my husband off to work 6 hours before he needed to leave. He's on a swing shift and it's really been throwing me off. Just tooooooo many things going on. Anyway, I was laughing even harder when I remembered that I had posted on the blog about it being Father's Day as well.

Now, on to the important stuff - cards. Our good friend Tammy, from club, did the make 'n take for this gorgeous card a few months back. I just love it. The brown is not only embossed but we also inked it and used clear embossing powder to give it more of a alligator skin look. It's really nice. I had been wanting to learn this technique for a while, but the instructions I had seen were much more complicated. Tammy's version was much more practical and looks even nicer. I have been wanting to try this technique again, and finally had a chance with these graduation cards.

I used the exact same dimensions for everything, just changed the image. This stamp is an old, old, old one from Fiskars. It's a nice classic one to have. I've used it a lot.

These cards are simple but classy, perfect for graduation.

Have a super week!

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